Thank you for buying the Amphibian Gear Smart Pack BCD. All our products are developed and produced using the most advanced technologies and our own extensive experience in diving in various underwater environments.

We appreciate your choice and wish you a lot of positive impressions and safe dives in future.

Before usage please read carefully this user manual.

ATTENTION!  Before using your Smart Pack Amphibian Gear (wing and harness system), learn the rules written in this document:

You must be trained diving in a special training center and receive the relevant certificate of authorized organization, which has the right to issue such a certificate. Usage of diving equipment by uncertified or untrained persons is dangerous and can cause serious injury or even death.

  • You must train your buoyancy control skills, must be able to float, dive and stay under water with confidence.
  • Note that improper usage of the Smart Pack wing and harness system and/or loss of neutral buoyancy control can cause the uncontrolled ascent or descend and lead to serious injury or even death.
  •  Failure to follow these instructions can cause damage of the equipment and/or serious injury or death.
  • Read this manual carefully before starting to use this gear. It is strongly recommended to learn all the features of this gear in a controlled environment, such as a swimming pool. You will need to choose the optimal weight and learn how to use all the regulating items.

Note that this equipment is not a life-safety device and does not comply with requirements for life safety devices.

Keep in mind that unforeseen changes in the design of the Smart Pack wing and harness system or use of accessories (extra equipment), which are not included or recommended and do not fit into this set, can lead to malfunction or damage of the equipment and/or result in serious injury or death.

WARNING: This is NOT a life vest: it does not guarantee you a strictly vertical position on the water surface. It is not designed to ensure you the “head up” position in any situation. Therefore, it does not meet the standards for personal life saving devices. If you get unconscious on the surface of the water while swimming without partner, it can lead to serious injury or death.

Range of operating temperatures for use :

  • Air : from – 20°С to +50°С
  • Water : from -2°С to +40°С

Limitations on tank weights:

  • With 30Lb wing – maximum tank volume of 18 liters (maximum lift capacity of 13.60 kg)
  •  With 20Lb wing – maximum tank volume of 12 liters (maximum lift capacity of 9.10 kg)

You must get skilled in proper selection of weights within a diving training course. It is very important to choose the right wing in accordance with the total weight.

Smart Pack Amphibian Gear buoyancy control device :

Smart Pack (photo 1) is a universal wing and harness BCD, consisting of a soft backplate harness (photo 2) and wing (photo 3). Smart Pack Amphibian Gear can be configured with weight and utility pockets of different design and purpose (photo 4). Smart Pack has a large number of regulationing items that help to “fit” the gear on the diver figure.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4




Amphibian Gear wing:

The outer shell is made of heavy-duty Nylon D1680

The inner bladder is made of nylon D 420 with PU. It has two layers (nylon and polyurethane), and is specially developed for inflatable devices, resistant to low temperatures and aggressive surroundings.

The 20 lb wing’s weight is 1,0 kg, the 30 lb wing’s weight is 1.1 kg.

Smart Pack Harness

The system is made of high quality materials. A distinctive feature of the AG original harness is the availability of additional fixing seams in places of the greatest static and dynamic loads and excessive set of SS D-rings and sliders allowing you to create your individual configuration. Wide and soft crotch strap for greater comfort has two D-rings  for accessories fixation. The harness has a convenient handle for comfortable dressing, storing and drying. Ergonomic side metal sliders do not fray the belts and allow you to make the individual fit for your figure more effective.

Pockets for buoyancy compensators

Amphibian Gear offers a wide variety of different weight pockets for the buoyancy compensators, as well as additional diving equipment and accessories. Some models of weight pockets with emergency jettison system are integrated with extra pockets additional equipment: masks, inflatable buoy, coil, plate, hook knife, etc. All the pockets are made of durable nylon with high-quality accessories and Velcro fasteners resistant to salt water.

How to attach the wings to the SMART Pack harness.

Prepare all the elements for the assembly as shown in the photo.

  • harness
  • wing
  • two sets of screws
  • two straps

Place the harness on the wing so that the holes of harness and wing match. Fix the wing to the harness with screws as shown in the photo. For reliable fixation you may use a coin to tighten the screws.

Thread the tank strap through the first sling of the harness as shown in the photo. Note that the straps are threaded with force to make the tight fixation so that the entire construction will have greater firmness in-service.

Now thread the tank strap through the second sling of harness as shown in the photo below.

Congratulations, you have almost assembled a SMART Pack set, you just need to fix the tank straps buckles. The result is on the photo below.

How to install the W-MINI pockets on the tank straps for perfect trimming.

Attention! Weight, mounted on tank straps, should not be too heavy. The weights are mounted to compensate the positive buoyancy of certain types of aluminum tanks and rarely are more than 3.2 kg in total. Remember that this weight can’t be dropped as easily as weights placed on the weight pockets on the belt strap. Pay attention to your gear configuration and think about your safety first.

Prepare your buoyancy compensator and pockets for installation.

Fasten a small pocket on the tank strap close to the buckle, and then thread the belt strap through the first sling of the harness.

Thread the tank strap through the second sling of the harness and then put on the second pocket. Try to put the pockets as close as possible to the back center  for better balance.

Congratulations on your successful trim pockets fixing! The result is shown in the photo below.

How to install the weight pockets W-MINI or W-Standard on the waist belt.

Prepare your waist straps as shown in the photo below. Remove the buckle and D-rings sliders, free the waist strap of the large side slider (on the part of the short faces).

Put the pocket on the waist strap, and then slide the belt strap back to the side slider hole (from the short face). Fix the buckles and D-rings on their places.

Repeat the same procedure for the other side of a waist strap. You will see the result below.

Fixation of the W-Standard pockets is the same of W-MINI.

How to install W-Stream weight pockets

Prepare the harness as shown in the picture below. Free waist belt, remove buckles, D-rings and soft side pads, remove the soft cover from the back.

Thread the waist belt in a metal slider of weight pocket.

Next, fix the side soft pad, threading the waist belt into the plastic slider. Place the metal side slider, as shown in the picture below, and thread the strap through the weight pocket.

Then, thread the waist belt through the sling at the side soft pad. For more accuracy, look at the picture (top view).

Perform the same actions on the other side of the waist belt. The result should be as shown in the photo.

How to install the W-Big weight pockets.

Installing of large weight systems is just as easy as installing the W-MINI pockets.

Thread the waist belt as shown in the photo.

Next, fix the large side slider.

Thread the waist belt through the weight pocket once again.

Perform the same actions on the other side of the waist belt. The result should be as in the photo.

Waist belt with a buckle:

Fit the lap belt buckle as shown in the figure. Adjust the length of the waist belt, moving the buckle.

Fixing the tank using the tank belts:

Fit the tank belts as shown in the picture. For better fixation, tank belts can be moistened.

How to attach the Smart Pack to the tank:

Attach the Smart Pack to the tank, as shown in the picture.

Connection of the tank belt:

Adjustment of Smart Pack to the diver figure

Before any dive, make sure that Smart Pack is fitted correctly (adjusted) to a figure of a diver taking into account the type of suit used during diving (photo 5).

Putting the Smart Pack on your suit, adjust the Smart Pack so that its straps fitted to the waist, shoulders (but not too tight), and crotch strap does not interfere with the movements. It must be easy to put two fingers between shoulders and straps of the Smart Pack. Adjust the D-rings and clamps into the right position.

Sequence of the adjustment when dressing the Smart Pack:

  1. Waist strap – accurately place the lower edge of the harness and the waist strap at the waist (not too high).
  2. To fix the waist strap and the entire harness at the right level, you need to adjust the lower crotch strap so that it would not allow the harness to rise.
  3. Adjust the width of the chest strap so that the angle between it and the shoulder strap is around 90 degrees.
  4. Only after doing the above listed actions tighten the slings that connect shoulder straps and waist straps. The direction of force application – the lower part of the diver’s back.

Photo 5

Note: If while adjusting Smart Pack you have questions or need information on installation of additional equipment, visit our website

Care and Maintenance:

Your BCD Smart Pack is reliable equipment that was developed to withstand many years of diving in different challenging conditions subject to proper maintenance. Follow the procedures described below to ensure long service life of your Smart Pack.

You should apply for periodical inspection and annual maintenance in an authorized center of Amphibian Gear.

Before every diving, make sure that the equipment is working properly. If some part of the Smart Pack is not working properly, DO NOT DIVE and repair Smart Pack at the Amphibian Gear’s dealer service center.


  • Fix the Smart Pack Set on the tank and connect to the inflator. Check the proper operation of the inflator buttons by inflating /deflating the wing with air from the tank.
  • Check the inflator attachment for air leaks.
  • Check the manual inflating of the wing with the help of the mouthpiece of the inflator.
  • Fill the wing completely with air and check for air leaks (sign of air leakage is the systematic air bleed).
  • Check the wing valve for spontaneous bleed air. In proper operating of the valve the air is discharged with the help of the valve cord or by strong pressing on the inflated wing.
  • When using the weight pockets get sure that the pockets and weights are properly fastened .

Maintenance after diving

To save your Smart Pack in the perfect state for many years do the follow our recommendations after each dive:

  • Fill the one-third of the wing with fresh water through the mouthpiece of the inflator.
  • Fully inflate the wing and then shake and rotate it wash the camera from salt inside.
  • Hold the wing “upside down” and drain all the water from inside through the inflator.
  • Carefully wash the outer surface of the wing and the entire Smart Pack with fresh water.
  • Keep your Smart Pack partially inflated in a dry ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Periodically use disinfectants sold in diving stores.

Transport your Smart Pack separately from sharp objects (knives, scissors, underwater guns). During transportation protect the inflator and the valve of Smart Pack from heavy items (accumulator batteries, regulators, tanks, etc.)


Smart Pack Amphibian Gear has a limited two-year warranty. Amphibian Gear in its sole discretion makes free repairs or replacement of parts or the whole set of the Smart Pack in case of faulty components or material.

  • The warranty applies only to the retail purchaser, and does not apply to commercial or rental use of equipment and to the equipment that was not purchased from the authorized dealer of Amphibian Gear.
  • The warranty excludes external color changes or discoloration. Amphibian Gear is not responsible for discoloration of gear or staining other equipment parts.
  • Replacement of components and parts of the Smart Pack is done only in case when their malfunction is not caused by user error.
  • For a complaint the owner must register the Amphibian Gear equipment on the Amphibian Gear web site: www.
  • Equipment must be returned to the place of purchase or to the official dealer of Amphibian Gear with a copy of an original invoice or a receipt.
  • Warranty service will be performed only to registered owners.
  • Note: Authorized dealers and distributors are not responsible for the maintenance of the equipment purchased from unauthorized dealers, online dealers, or dealers from other regions.
  •  The warranty does not cover parts of the Smart Pack Set that have mechanical damages unrelated to the operation of the equipment, and the equipment that was not serviced or repaired at the service center Amphibian Gear.
  • Repair made under this warranty does not extend the warranty period.
  • All the claims, especially after accidents, are excluded from the warranty obligations. Amphibian Gear does not support extended obligations under this warranty.
  • This warranty covers all previously issued warranties. AG is not responsible for liabilities or warranties issued by representatives unauthorized by the company.

Activation of the warranty:

  • To activate your warranty you must register your Smart Pack in our website: www. within 30 days from purchase
  • Save a check or a receipt as a proof of purchase.

Copyright law: This user manual is protected by copyright law. It is prohibited to copy and reproduce this user manual as a whole or partially without written permission of Amphibian Gear.

Contact details:

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