Amphibian Gear’s Dive Wings are designed to provide the diver the perfect neutral buoyancy. Buoyancy compensators wing type designed originally for technical diving are becoming very popular in recreational community.
Amphibian Gear offers you a variety of donut shape dive wings. The circular design of our wings promotes better trim, improves hydrodynamic profile and reduces gas trapping in sides. Due to this shape with easy airflow inside the camera these perfectly streamlined wings are very stable underwater.
Amphibian Gear’s Wings are designed to provide the diver the perfect neutral buoyancy at any depth during the dive, as well as to maintain stable positive buoyancy at the surface of the water.
Amphibian Gear produces high quality, comfortable and light weighted wings of different lifting capacity to optimize your diving, for single tank or variety of tanks combinations depending on diving requirements. Amphibian Gear wings are easily fixed to any type of harness, although we would strongly recommend for quality, comfort and safety reasons use Amphibian Gear product line to create your perfect equipment or buy directly our ready-to-use divings sets.

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Dive Dual Wing 50 lb

387,60  (469,00  price with VAT)

Dive Wing 50 lb

264,00  (319,44  price with VAT)

Dive Wing 20 lb

189,26  (229,00  price with VAT)
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