signal buoy

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Signal surface device with Amphibian Gear print

Independently inflated

Bright high visibility orange

Length 1.5 meters

Lift capacity of 18 kg

Made of durable Nylon with PU coating

Ultrasonic weld seams

Built-in over pressure relieve valve, easily disassembled and rinsed

Built-in Pocket with Velcro closure to keep the folded buoy or to deliver a message or small utilities to the surface

Reflective band and loop at the top part of the buoy

Wider bottom part for easy inflating and stable horizontal position on the surface

Butterfly valve inside to prevent the air leak due to the backpressure

Strap and D-ring at the bottom part for the buoy fixation

Can be used as a signal decompression or marker buoy

May serve as an alternative source of buoyancy (in case of BCD failure)

*To use your buoy as the alternative buoyancy devise you need to fold it in half and inflate. The valve is for airflow control. Be sure to train this skill first.


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